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Answers to Some Common Questions About Perfect Pic

How can I delete videos?
When you take a video or save a photo from the app they are saved in the Camera Roll. To remove, you need to open the Photos app and delete them from there. Once videos are deleted from your photo library they will no longer be in the app.
How can I import videos from my camera roll or any other location?
All videos in your Camera Roll are automatically available within Perfect Pic. You do not need to import them manually. If you have a video in another app which supports export, e.g. Dropbox, you can look for the share button (box with arrow pointing up) and use the "Open In" option to select Perfect Pic.
Is the upgrade a one-time purchase or will I be charged every time I want to use the pro features?
The upgrade is a one time only purchase, once upgraded all features will be permanently unlocked.
Why are my pictures coming out blurry?
Video which has been shot in low light or when the camera is moving can cause blurry photos. For best results shoot video under bright lights or outdoors, especially when shooting fast moving action.
Can I import videos I have on my computer?
Yes, simply plug your device into your computer and open iTunes. Click on the apps tab and scroll to the bottom. There you will a “file sharing” section. Select Perfect Pic and then click the “add” tab to the right of the page. This will bring up a screen where you can find and choose videos from your computer to import into Perfect Pic. Once added you may sync your phone and you will find the videos the next time you open the Perfect Pic app.
How can I speed up or slow down the videos?
During playback you will see 3 buttons on the bottom right hand side of the screen. The snail button is for super slow motion, the rabbit button is for regular slow motion, and the cheetah button is for normal speed playback. The app will automatically play the videos at the middle speed (32 frames per second) and can be changed simply by tapping the corresponding button.
When I pause the video, how can I switch to 64 frames per second?
When the video is paused the frames per second can be changed by tapping one of the three buttons at the bottom right hand side of the screen. You can choose between 1 FPS, 32 FPS, or 64 FPS to get that perfect shot.
Do I have to return to the previous screen to switch to go to another frame?
No, when you are in full screen mode you can move from frame to frame by swiping your finger across the screen. (The same way you can go through your pictures in your camera roll)

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